Creating new ways of relating to the public.


The BMW Motorcycle Division - Motorrad - was facing a major problem at one of the most prestigious international trade shows in the sector: sales conversion.
After a few studies, my team and I realized that the original approach did not connect with what future customers expected from the brand.

From this, a new way of delivering brand information was imagined, which showed what was relevant to the customer in a simple and direct way, thus facilitating the purchase decision, and increasing the link between the brand and the customer.

Main roles in this project:
Art direction - UX - Product Design


Originally, customer approach was made by an employee who asked questions and collected data analogically, to then send an email and proceed with feedback.

Among the problems we identified was a delay in service, besides the fact that customers felt uncomfortable in disclosing personal data such as email and phone number to an attendant, even if they were interested in acquiring a brand model.



As part of the solution, we individualized the service by inserting a terminal next to each motorcycle model displayed at the stand (32 in total), thus creating a self-service channel and removing the initial barrier that prevented customers from getting specific information about each model quickly and practically.

Financial services interfaces for Motorrad, BMW and Mini brands

Financial services interfaces for Motorrad, BMW and Mini brands

Based on the studies we carried out, we added other information to the system, such as a section where it was possible for the customer to simulate financing in a few seconds, another one with accessories, as well as a map with all dealerships near them. In the end, the customer could choose between receiving all the information of the search via e-mail, SMS, or sending the financing details to a seller at the stand, to finish the purchase right there.

The entire system was controlled by a CMS (Content Management System) with real-time reports, which helped the marketing team to monitor and make more assertive decisions during the trade show.

Public's response was immediate, increasing the number of lead capture by 8 times. After this successful approach, I have lead several other projects for this client, including an app based on that first experience, which is used by the whole BMW GROUP - BMW, MINI and MOTORRAD - to manage marketing, price simulation and sales in stores and events all over Brazil